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Milk and Cookies Body Wash


Delicious sweet vanilla body wash whipped up with Chocolate chip soap sprinkles, just the treat to get you feeling all loved up. A small spoonful will foam up and wash your entire body with yumminess, leaving your skin soft and sweetly scented.

200g Recyclable Pot

Mocha Face Wash Whip


Seriously, this is like washing your face in Tiramisu yum. Gentle and delicious with a lathering & soft exfoliating action, you are going to be in heaven. If you think you feel protective about the products you have in your bathroom.. you are going to want to have a guard on this one!

100g Pot – Vegan – Coffee & Chocolate

Choc Mint Whip


Hey Choc & Mint lover..  you are about to go to heaven with this luxury shower & bath whip. Use a small amount on a sponge of shower poof and create a delicious lather to wash your body with, dig down a little further and you hit our Chocolate Sugar Scrub to exfoliate .. divine!

With Peppermint Essential Oil and luxury butters you will leave your bath or shower feeling wonderful.


Product is shown overfilled so you can see the texture

Lemon Tart Whip


Luxury Bath Whip with real Lemon Essential Oil… yum, enriched with Cocoa butter and Shea Butter. This body wash also has a sugar & lemon Scrub at the base to help polish your skin. Prefect for the decolletage area.

Our body wash will foam up on and rinse away leaving your skin super soft and your mind in bliss.


Pot shown overfilled so you can see the texture

Peach Crumble Body Wash


Hey Peach lovers, get yourself the ultimate shower or bath treat. Soft whipped peach scented body wash that is so fluffy and delicious smelling it will take all your strength not to lick it!  Dig down into the base of the pot you will find a gorgeous scrub made with Rolled Oats and Sugar to scuff of any rough skin.

This pot full of love is 200g and 100% Vegan

Pot shown overfilled so you can see the texture

Birthday Cake Body Wash


Fluffy Body Wash with a sweet butter frosting fragrance… yum! The soft creamy textured body wash creates a thick luxurious foam to wash your body sweetly clean, a delicious treat for your skin or for the lucky person who receives this as a gift.

A little goes a long way, use a small amount on your shower puff and wash away.

Handcrafted Soap Confetti – 200ml – Vegan

Unicorn Fluff – Body Wash & Shave Mousse


Unicorn Fluff – Body Wash & Shave Mousse 200ML

I smell like bubblegum, I am think like a pudding mousse. Just scoop some of my deliciousness out and create a lather and wash all over your body, if you use me with a Loafer I will bubble and foam.


Shaving: Take it to the next level of fluff away luxury, simply create a lather and using a fresh razor gently def-luff.

200g Container showed overfilled show product

Creme Brulee Luxury Bath & Shower Whip


Dipping into a pot of Creme Brulee is heaven, scoop out some exfoliating sugar syrup topping and creamy smooth body wash base and rub all over your body. It is sweet luxury in a pot.

The smell, the contrast between the sugar topping and the smooth base is to die for!

200g Pot of loveliness.

*Pot has been overfilled to show product