Brush Cleaning
    • Fast Dry Brush Cleaner

      Rated 4.92 out of 5


      Quickly surface cleans your brush bristles between uses. Removes makeup and kills germs so you can continue applying without downtime. Yay for your favorite brush, you can now apply different pigments without changing brushes. Leaves a yummy toffee scent.

      ♥ 100% Vegan – Made in NZ – ♥ 150ml

      **We can only send this product within NZ.

    • Brush Cleansing Kit

      Rated 4.97 out of 5
      $34.50 $19.95

      Get the Quick, Easy and Fun way to clean your brushes deeply.

      Brush Cleansing Kit comes with Antibacterial Makeup Bush Shampoo with a fragrance of Vanilla & Coconut and a specially designed Brush Cleaning Pad to make cleaning your brushes a breeze. Will cut your brush cleaning time down to almost nothing + adds the fun factor

    • Makeup Brush Shampoo

      Rated 4.93 out of 5

      I deep clean away bacteria, germs, oils, dirt, gunk and old makeup build-up from your makeup brushes, leaving them smelling gorgeous and ready to apply makeup perfectly.

      Use once a week to maintain your makeup brushes.

      Caramel & Vanilla

      ♥ 100% Vegan ♥ Made in NZ ♥ 150ml

    • Brush Cleansing Pad – No Packaging

      Rated 5.00 out of 5
      $24.95 $7.99

      The Fun, Quick and Easy Way To Clean Brushes. It is recommended that you deep clean your  brushes to keep them in top condition, clean and fresh, ready for your next gorgeous application.

      Top Half – Designed with many different sized and shaped nodules to deeply clean your pretty brushes. Bottom Half  -Featuring a ripple design which opens up the bristles under warm water to allow a deep clarifying rinse.

      Color = Random

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