• Mums Mini Escape


      Mums Mini Escape Set * Limited Edition

      1. Tropical Face Mask – Take a break, relax and put up your busy feet, my tropical mask will smooth and sooth you, a well deserved luxury treat. Made with beautiful French Clays, Essential Oils and Luxury Oils like Rosehip.   Pre-mixed ready to use.
      2. Tropical Soaps x 2 – Take me and escape to the bath or shower, kick back and relax, self love and care are your super powers.

      ♥ Sls Free 100% Vegan ♥ Made in NZ ♥

    • Hot Pad – Plain Packaging

      $24.99 $9.99

      Silicone Heat Resistant Mat Anti-heat Mats for Straightener Curling Iron

      1. Heat resistant iron mat, protect surfaces from heat damage caused by hot styling irons.
      2. The snap fastener design makes your Straightener or Curling Iron easier to pack away for storage.
      3. Light weight, easy to carry when you are in traveling.

      Material: Silicone
      Size: App 21.6 x 15.6cm
      Color: white

      Package Included:
      1 X Heat Resistant Silicone Mat (not include hair iron)

    • Hot Pocket – No Packaging

      Rated 5.00 out of 5
      $34.95 $9.99

      Protects your surfaces from heat damage, clings to curved and flat surfaces.

      • Perfect for counter-tops, curved and flat sinks and beauty areas.
      • Holds hairdryers, straighteners, hot tongs etc
      • on-slip resting pad for popping your hot tools down on between uses

      Colour = Random

    • Brush Cleansing Pad – No Packaging

      Rated 5.00 out of 5
      $24.95 $7.99

      The Fun, Quick and Easy Way To Clean Brushes. It is recommended that you deep clean your  brushes to keep them in top condition, clean and fresh, ready for your next gorgeous application.

      Top Half – Designed with many different sized and shaped nodules to deeply clean your pretty brushes. Bottom Half  -Featuring a ripple design which opens up the bristles under warm water to allow a deep clarifying rinse.

      Color = Random

    • Easy Hairbun Maker – No Packaging

      Rated 5.00 out of 5
      $9.95 $4.99

      Ever need to look polished really quick? The Easy Hairbun Maker is a busy girls best friend!  It holds your hair snuggly without any damaging Velcro.  It comes in one color black, and because the bun maker is hidden it is used on all hair colors.

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