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Get the Quick, Easy and Fun way to clean your brushes deeply.

Brush Cleansing Kit comes with Antibacterial Makeup Bush Shampoo with a fragrance of Vanilla & Coconut and a specially designed Brush Cleaning Pad to make cleaning your brushes a breeze. Will cut your brush cleaning time down to almost nothing + adds the fun factor

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First, give them all a quick rinse and squeeze out a pump or two of the divine Brush Shampoo. The amazing foam fills into the brush while dirt, makeup, grime, and things-you’d-rather-not-know-about flow down the drain and are replaced with the amazingly fresh scent of bright vanilla and exotic coconut. Cup the convenient Brush Cleansing Pad in the palm of your hand and deep clean your brushes in the top half of the silicone, formed pad. Then, gently run the brush over the rippled bottom half of the pad under warm water and finish off the deep cleaning process that won’t leave anything behind. What comes in the Kit:  Brush Cleaning Pad Featuring duel surfaces: 1. Top Half Cleansing Pad – Designed with many different sized and shaped nodules to deeply clean your pretty brushes. 2. Bottom Half Rinsing Pad – Featuring a ripple design which opens up the bristles under warm water to allow a deep clarifying rinse. The compact pad fits snugly into your hand and has a handle that slides in-between your fingers which provides a good grip whilst using slippery cleansers and water. It is also small enough to store away easily or pop into your cosmetic bag. Brush Shampoo Deeply removes and cleans away dirt, grime, germs, bacteria, oils and old makeup leaving your brushes beautifully clean and fresh!  It features an easy to use Pump top for dispensing the shampoo and a gorgeous foaming action to lift away gunk. You get 150mls of Antibacterial brush shampoo which smells amazing in Vanilla and Coconut sent. If you have been wondering how to clean makeup brushes, now you know! You will seriously love how fun and easy it is to care for your makeup brushes and how gorgeous they look and feel afterwards! Made from strong yet soft and bendable silicone, it will mold to your hand and last and last. Two pretty colors are available for you to choose the one that compliments your unique beauty and style!   Cleaning your makeup brushes just became fun and easy with the Bossy Brush Cleansing Kit. The Brush Cleansing Kit combines deep brush cleansing and deep rinsing into one pretty duel sided pad that is super easy, fast and fun for you to use and the Shampoo is divine! So treat your brushes to a weekly deep clean to keep them in top condition for beautiful makeup application. Dirty makeup brushes are revolting! Maybe you have never cleaned them? You wouldn’t use the same facecloth on your face for months without washing it right? Dirty Brushes spread bacteria, oils and germs which can cause breakouts and give you poor makeup application! It is recommended that you deep clean your  brushes to keep them in top condition, clean and fresh, ready for your next gorgeous application.  How to clean makeup brushes 1. Dampen bristles with lukewarm water. 2. Squeeze a small amount of the Shampoo onto your Brush Cleansing Pad or a clean surface. 3. Gently swirl brush into shampoo to create a light lather, work lather through bristles. 4. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if needed. 5. Once clean, squeeze out excess water with a lint-free cloth and reshape brush. Lay brushes on an angle to dry with bristles facing down or upside down. Do not stand brush upright to dry. water to sit in the brush head.

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61 reviews for Brush Cleansing Kit

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    Ok, I get it now. I thought my brushes were clean (I clean mine every week or 2) I ordered this to try for myself, when I got a few things for my step sons girlfriends birthday. My brushes are clean now! So easy to use, does a great job and smells delicious. The cleaning pad is the bees knees, I will surely be buying more of this stuff!

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